Feature1: Is ESG investment going to end with a boom?


Vol.06Will ESG Information End Up as a Passing Fad?

Head of Engagement, Fidelity International, Japan

Hiroki Sampei


Is ESG investment going to end with a boom?

  • Contributed

    Vol.5How Far Will the ESG Investing Trend Catch On?

    - ESG for Small - and Mid-Cap Stocks -

    SusCon Japan

    Mikako Awano

  • Contributed

    Vol.4ESG Investing is Not a Passing Fad

    Chief Researcher, Daiwa Institute of Research

    Mariko Kawaguchi

  • Contributed

    Vol.3Global ESG trends and driving information disclosure to investors

    Bloomberg L.P.

    Kunihiro Ishibashi

  • Interview

    Vol.2Meaningful ESG Information is Found in Effective Medium- to Long-Term Strategies

    BlackRock Japan

    Akitsugu Era / Satoshi Ogoshi

  • Contributed

    Vol.1The Essence of ESG Investing and Prospects for the Future

    Managing Director, Head of ESG Research Center

    Etsuya Hirose

Where is information security technology headed?

  • Interview

    Vol.2From the Frontlines of Financial Cybersecurity

    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

    Koutaro Mochida / Satoru Suzuki / Hiroki Nakayama

  • Contributed

    Vol.1Where Does Stolen Data Go? And Who Do Cybercriminals Target?


    Kayoko Ezoe

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Issue 01

Feature1: Whereabouts of Corporate Disclosure

  • Tetsuo KitagawaContributed

    Reflections on the Endpoints of Japan's Three Major Governance Projects

  • Goya NakaoInterview

    What Roles Do Long-Term Investors Fulfill in the Investment Chain?

  • Hiroko Ozawa /
    Juliet MarkhamContributed

    New Trends in Integrated Reporting

  • Ken ShibusawaContributed

    “Hidden Value” is Key to Stock Prices Increases Even During Tough Economic Times

  • Hideto FujinoContributed

    Problems Inhibiting Sound Investment in Japan’s Asset Management Industry and Future Prospects

  • Michiyo Morisawa /
    Miyako EnokiboriContributed

    International Trends in Climate Change Mitigation Measures and Japan’s Priorities

Feature2: Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency

  • Yukio NoguchiInterview

    Remittances and Payments through Cryptocurrency Will Transform Enterprises

  • Mitsuru IwamuraInterview

    Seven Insights into the Essence of Bitcoin

  • Masakazu MasujimaContributed

    Common Misconceptions about Cryptocurrency

  • Kenichi IshimuraInterview

    Bitcoin Will Spread to the Public Earlier than Expected

  • Noriyuki YanagawaInterview

    Will Fintech End Up as Nothing More than a Passing Boom?