Feature2 Where is information security technology headed?


Vol.03Interview with Terilogy Co., Ltd. The Transformation and Future of Cybersecurity

Terilogy Co., Ltd. Director

Nobuo Miyamyra


Is ESG investment going to end with a boom?

  • Contributed

    Vol.6Will ESG Information End Up as a Passing Fad?

    Head of Engagement, Fidelity International, Japan

    Hiroki Sampei

  • Contributed

    Vol.5How Far Will the ESG Investing Trend Catch On?

    - ESG for Small - and Mid-Cap Stocks -

    SusCon Japan

    Mikako Awano

  • Contributed

    Vol.4ESG Investing is Not a Passing Fad

    Chief Researcher, Daiwa Institute of Research

    Mariko Kawaguchi

  • Contributed

    Vol.3Global ESG trends and driving information disclosure to investors

    Bloomberg L.P.

    Kunihiro Ishibashi

  • Interview

    Vol.2Meaningful ESG Information is Found in Effective Medium- to Long-Term Strategies

    BlackRock Japan

    Akitsugu Era / Satoshi Ogoshi

  • Contributed

    Vol.1The Essence of ESG Investing and Prospects for the Future

    Managing Director, Head of ESG Research Center

    Etsuya Hirose

Where is information security technology headed?

  • Interview

    Vol.2From the Frontlines of Financial Cybersecurity

    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

    Koutaro Mochida / Satoru Suzuki / Hiroki Nakayama

  • Contributed

    Vol.1Where Does Stolen Data Go? And Who Do Cybercriminals Target?


    Kayoko Ezoe

Fisco Financial Review Issue 01

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Issue 01

Feature1: Whereabouts of Corporate Disclosure

  • Tetsuo KitagawaContributed

    Reflections on the Endpoints of Japan's Three Major Governance Projects

  • Goya NakaoInterview

    What Roles Do Long-Term Investors Fulfill in the Investment Chain?

  • Hiroko Ozawa /
    Juliet MarkhamContributed

    New Trends in Integrated Reporting

  • Ken ShibusawaContributed

    “Hidden Value” is Key to Stock Prices Increases Even During Tough Economic Times

  • Hideto FujinoContributed

    Problems Inhibiting Sound Investment in Japan’s Asset Management Industry and Future Prospects

  • Michiyo Morisawa /
    Miyako EnokiboriContributed

    International Trends in Climate Change Mitigation Measures and Japan’s Priorities

Feature2: Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency

  • Yukio NoguchiInterview

    Remittances and Payments through Cryptocurrency Will Transform Enterprises

  • Mitsuru IwamuraInterview

    Seven Insights into the Essence of Bitcoin

  • Masakazu MasujimaContributed

    Common Misconceptions about Cryptocurrency

  • Kenichi IshimuraInterview

    Bitcoin Will Spread to the Public Earlier than Expected

  • Noriyuki YanagawaInterview

    Will Fintech End Up as Nothing More than a Passing Boom?